Hey! We’re your super-smart, deal-finding sidekick.

Think of us like the Q to your double-O seven, the Sam to your Frodo, the Watson to your — well, you get the idea.

People stood at the bottom of a mountain with robots
Man stood next to a robot

Nobody wakes up and says “I can’t wait to apply for a loan”

But maybe you want to buy a house, consolidate your debt or buy something now and pay it back later, and that usually involves forms, sums on your fingers and comparing offers you don’t even know that you’ll qualify for.

That’s why we built super-smart AI, to do all of that hard — and let’s be honest, incredibly boring — work for you.

Our promises to you

Everything you need to be a money hero

Sadly, we don’t give you a cape. Or a super vehicle. Or even a mask. But we will give you everything you need to spend less time scratching your head and more time choosing a deal that works for you.

Free to choose whatever’s right for you

No funny business. No under-the-table arrangements with lenders. We’ll show you offers you’re eligible for. You choose the one that suits you best.

Get results tailored to you

Ever got really excited to buy something and then found that it’s not available anymore? Not fun, right?

That’s why we only show you tailored results you know you’ll qualify for, so you don’t waste hours sorting through stuff that’s not right for you.

You’re in the driving seat

Sure, we’ll handle all the boring stuff like qualification criteria and searching through thousands of offers, but whether you choose to DIY your decision, use our built-in chat support or team up with a broker, you’ll be in control every step of the way.

Complete transparency, always

Money stuff can be confusing as hell, so we’ve made sure there’s no complicated financial jargon, hidden charges, sneaky clauses, talking meerkats or moustachioed opera singers anywhere on our site.

Who are we?

While we might not run around with our pants on top of our trousers, our team of sidekicks is made up of developers, financial advisers, designers, marketers and rule-breakers all dedicated to building the tools you need to smash your money goals.

Robots painting and talking
Robots painting and talking

Ready to become a money hero?

If you want to save stacks on your borrowing, get personalised deals that suit you and make your money work for you (not the other way around), we’d love to be your sidekick.