How do we make money? 

Don’t worry, there aren’t any sneaky clauses or hidden fees anywhere on our site. 

Everything we do to help you find the right deal will always be completely free.

But we’re a business. Of course we’re making money somehow.

Here’s how 👇

1. How do we make money?

Like any other intermediary service, we get paid by the lenders and brokers that process your application. Mostly, this is a small percentage of the final total you agree to borrow, but we sometimes make a little bit of money in other ways too, like if you click through to another website.

2. Does this affect our impartiality?

Absolutely not.

Unlike lots of brokers and direct lenders, we have absolutely no bias towards certain lenders or products, so that we’re always on your side.

We’ll only ever show you the products we think are right for you and will always let you choose whatever deal is best for you.

3. Sometimes we get paid a flat fee payment

For some services, the companies we work with pay us a flat, fixed fee when you buy something through us.

The amount we get paid is the same, regardless of how much you pay as a customer, and our fee never makes a difference to the amount you have to pay.

4. Sometimes we get paid a commission

Some lenders pay us a commission fee when you take out a loan or mortgage with them.

This commission is calculated in different ways, usually depending what type of product you’re applying for.

Most commonly, our commission is equivalent to a small percentage of the amount you’re borrowing, but this commission never has any effect on what you pay to the lender, nor which deals we show you.

5. Sometimes we get paid a click-through fee

Sometimes we get paid a fixed amount when you click through from our site to buy a policy or product from one of our partners.

However, as with all our other agreements, this will never affect our impartiality and we’ll only ever suggest you click through to a partner’s site if it’s right for you.